We Deleted Facebook (again)...

Housepit CHI originally left facebook June 20th 2020. The process to finalize this has carried on through March 2021!

Our support and participation for Housepitality US “Transmissions” has kept that FB page mildly active with related content. The page is now confirmed to be going away in the coming days.

While Housepit CHI remains a host on Fridays at, we continue to explore a sub-culture approach to social media, how we spread information and who hosts our creative output.

This means we're actively moving away from centralized media applications to create more direct and sincere relationships with you via our own web platform and Telegram Channel. We look to implement decentralized technologies to leverage safer digital spaces for creatives.

WHY? Because it was on the outer-fringes of society, pop-music and adolescence that we found this thing called HOUSE - where red carpet crews, dancers and Djs ruled the night - OFF THE CENTRAL GRID.

Our next LIVE Transmissions broadcast will bring a raincheck performance from Sassmouth B2B Jarvi (Acid Daddy) B2B Samone + Residents on April 16th 2021, 8PM CST streaming HERE.

Keep in touch with us here at for the latest information. You can also chat with us on the daily via our Telegram Channel here.